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We when people connect

Vovent brings people together through live experiences. Discover events that match your passions, or create your own.

The vovent app effortlesy lets you create, view and join other events

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Let us know if we should add anything to this list!

Is it free ?

Yes, it is free, and will always be free

Does it have ads ?

No ads, and no monetizing of any kind.

Do you store my login credentials ?

No, we use Oauth2 protocol, all your passwords stay with your method login provider.

How will this be monetized

We will probably add a donate button in the future when server costs become too much, for now it is self funded

Are you looking for investors ?

Yes, please drop us a note below

Why another events app ?

We feel like all other options are too complicated, and want too much data, we decided to simplify the process.


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Phone: +01 (904) 468-7770
Email: david.dalcu@gmail.com